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Who We Are

A Boutique Agency With A Focus On You. 

At Screamin Cow, we take pride in the fact that we create strong relationships with every single one of our clients. Our President, Brad Starnes, was born and raised in St. Louis. We are known to be the "biggest small town" because of how we develop deepened relationships.

Okay... we may also be known for toasted ravioli, thin pizza, and gooey butter cake.

We are St. Louis' Local Digital Marketing agency for a reason. We live and breathe STL (with a touch of Kansas City) in everything we do. Our clients love to continue to work with us because of our transparency, passion for people, and family-like bonding.

Think we're kidding? Add Brad on Facebook and see.

We know what it's like to be part of a city that is vibrant, experiences massive growth, and has some strong roots in history.

We'd love to meet you over coffee and discuss how Screamin Cow can help you!

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But Our History Starts Long Before Here...

We often get asked, "Where did you come up with the name Screamin Cow?" The truth is we didn't. Screamin Cow Marketing Group was originally a Florida-based agency named Screamin Cow Design Studio run by Brad's Aunt, Brenda Starnes.

Brenda developed the name through her love for Disney Characters and wanted a name that made us stand out from the herd.

In 2016, Brenda had to step back from the business and focus on her health. At the time, she made sure all of her clients found the perfect new home. They did ❤️.

Brad began his career being mentored by Brenda through Screamin Cow and after she closed the agency went to pursue his Bachelor's Degree in IT and his MBA. During that time, Brad launched a Financial Technology company that aimed to take on the big players in the industry like Venmo & CashApp.

Several years later... he decided to re-open the Screamin Cow brand under Screamin Cow Marketing Group as he realized his passion was always in helping small & medium size businesses grow their businesses.

Now the legacy Brenda began, continues through the work we continue to do at Screamin Cow.

Hey, I'm Brad...

If you're like me, you hate being hassled around from vendor to vendor. You're likely scraching your head thinking, "Are they all really like this?". It happens in every industry from your doctor to your general contractor or even marketing agencies like us.

Some people just don't have a passion for customer service and care more about the next lead than they do their current clientele.

To see if we're a great fit to work together, I wanted to share a little bit about me and what I expect of our crew at Screamin Cow.

Over the last 10+ years, I have built hundreds of WordPress websites myself as I freelanced for other agencies and even had my own side hustle.

I've made all of the mistakes possible with building sites and have had an extensive track record with building sites that involved e-commerce, directories, membership plugins, high-traffic volume, and much more.

Over the last several years I took your "traditional" approach and rather than pursuing my dreams of running an agency I attended the University of Missouri - Kansas City to get my undergrad in Information Technology & my MBA.

During that time, I found my way down a path to build a FinTech company, called Splitsy, that was supposed to stand up with the big guys like Venmo & CashApp. We raised $130,000 and had a nice 18-month run but unfortunately had to close it down.

As I transitioned away from that business and took a short sabbatical from being an entrepreneur, I dove deep into what really lit me up every day. It was working with small business owners like you who have a drive for massive growth.

In my years as a freelancer, I've seen the good-bad-ugly of what can happen in the industry from a lack of an emphasis on SEO to people payings thousands of dollars to not ever rightfully own their site.

I've relaunched a family legacy with two purposes in mind:

  • Change the way you think of marketing agencies by providing transparent and quality work while keeping you educated on right from wrong.
  • Grow a global team in the Philippines, which became a big part of my last business's early success. I wouldn't have gotten where I did without them.
    • Plus, their culture is amazing and their beaches are beautiful.

Personally, my beautiful wife and I live in St. Louis, MO. We have a Boston Terrier named Rockie and an Australian Shepherd mix named Ollie. They keep our hands full, so we've pumped the breaks on any kids... for now.

I cannot wait to share the life of mine and our team members with you.

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Brad Starnes (President) and his wife, Avery.
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