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Surviving Cancer & Building a Business: Eric Triplett’s Inspirational Story

Join me in another episode of The Unfair Advantage. In this episode I had the privilege of sitting down with Eric Triplett, the CEO and creative force behind The Pond Digger. Our conversation delves into themes of resilience, entrepreneurship, and overcoming challenges.

Eric openly shares his journey from being a contractor to becoming a versatile entrepreneur, recounting the pivotal moment when his battle with cancer intersected with his growing business.

Throughout our engaging discussion, Eric reflects on the trials of managing his business while undergoing treatment, the strategies he implemented to empower his team during his absence, and the daunting task of rebuilding his company after his recovery. He dives into how the retail scene has changed due to COVID-19. He talks about how businesses have had to adapt to survive, especially with the huge increase in online commerce. 

 Throughout the episode, Eric emphasizes the value of mentorship, delegation, and encouraging a vibrant company culture. Tune in for invaluable insights on overcoming challenges, fostering business growth, and building resilience in the face of adversity.

Thank you for tuning into this episode of The Unfair Advantage. We hope this story has inspired you, showcasing how challenges can be transformed into incredible strengths in the entrepreneurial journey.

Our podcast is dedicated to bringing you unique stories of entrepreneurs who turn their so-called ‘unfair baggage’ into a propelling force for business success.

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