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From Data to Dishes: Building a Business Amid Health Challenges

On this episode of The Unfair Advantage, I get to chat with Jacob Talkin, the creator of Talkin Hospitality Solutions. Jacob has an inspiring story that starts with his studies in actuary science, finance, and management at the University of Washburn. After college, he worked as an actuary and then as a data scientist before following his dream of starting his own business in the hospitality industry.

But Jacob’s journey took a tough turn when he got sick with a condition called chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), which made it really hard for him to keep working his day job. Despite this, he didn’t give up. He focused on his health and on growing his business, which offers staffing and food services to places all over the country.

In our talk, Jacob shares the ups and downs of starting a business while working full time, which helped him worry less about money. He also talks about how tough it is to run a business when you’re dealing with health problems, but how important it is to have people who support you through it all. Jacob’s story is about finding ways to work smarter on his business so he can take care of his health at the same time.

Tune in to hear how Jacob didn’t let health challenges stop him and how he keeps pushing forward in his business. This episode is all about the courage it takes to start something new, the strength needed to face health struggles, and the importance of having a good support system. Jacob’s story is inspiring for anyone facing their own challenges, whether in health, business, or both.

Thank you for tuning into this episode of The Unfair Advantage. We hope this story has inspired you, showcasing how challenges can be transformed into incredible strengths in the entrepreneurial journey.

Our podcast is dedicated to bringing you unique stories of entrepreneurs who turn their so-called ‘unfair baggage’ into a propelling force for business success.

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