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Counseling SEO Mastery: Visibility and Engagement

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Counseling services are recognizing the significance of being visible and accessible online and Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to increasing visibility and engagement for your counseling practice. By implementing effective SEO strategies, you can ensure that your website ranks higher in search engine results and attracts more potential clients. This case study delves into the journey of a counseling service that embarked on an SEO campaign with the primary goal of not just being seen but actively engaging with a broader audience. The study explores the steps taken, the positive contributions observed, and the improvements made since the campaign’s initiation in May.

1. Extensive Keyword Research

At the heart of their approach was a thorough exploration of keywords. This involved figuring out the words and phrases people use when searching for counseling services. By understanding these terms, the counseling service could create content that resonated with potential clients. Additionally, they took the time to study what similar services were doing to identify areas where they could stand out.

2. Optimized GMB Profile

The counseling service understood the importance of local searches and aimed to make their presence felt in the community. They ensured that their Google My Business (GMB) profile, the information that shows up when you search for a local business, was not only accurate but also inviting. This meant providing up-to-date information, ensuring their location was correctly marked, and adding engaging content to attract local users.

3. Built Niche and Local Citations

Building a strong online presence involves being recognized in various online directories. The counseling service made sure to be listed in relevant niche directories and local platforms. This not only helped build their credibility but also made it easier for potential clients to discover them online.

4. Optimized Onsite for Location Signals

To let search engines know they were relevant to local searches, the counseling service optimized their website content with location-specific keywords. This meant incorporating words related to their location naturally within the content.

5. Regular GMB Profile Posts

Recognizing the need for consistent online signals, the counseling service committed to posting updates on their GMB profile every week. These posts not only kept their information current but also engaged potential clients directly on the search results page.

6. Content Silo Evaluation

A strategic evaluation of the website’s content silo allowed the counseling service to understand how information was organized. This understanding helped them create a content strategy aimed at guiding users seamlessly through their website, making it easy for them to find what they were looking for.

7. Monthly Blog Publication for Relevant Counseling SEO

Acknowledging the value of fresh and relevant content, the counseling service committed to publishing a new blog every month. These blogs addressed specific keywords but, more importantly, provided valuable information to their audience, positioning them as knowledgeable and approachable in the counseling space.

Notable Contributions and Improvements

Since the initiation of the SEO campaign in May, the counseling service has observed notable contributions and improvements across various metrics.

Organic Search Efforts

Organic search emerged as a significant driver of new users, with 52.73% (1170 out of 2219) of new users originating from this channel. This indicates that potential clients actively sought out the counseling service through organic search.

User Engagement Metrics

Analyzing user engagement metrics reveals the impact of organic search efforts:

  • 53.40% of total users (1195 out of 2238) were acquired through organic search.
  • 57.21% of total sessions (2070 out of 3618) came from organic search.
  • 63.73% of engaged sessions (1193 out of 1872) originated from organic search.
  • 61.80% of total events (12,761 out of 20,648) were generated through organic search.

Website Interactions

The website recorded 8075 page views, 6716 user engagements, and 2219 user visits. Additionally, three phone calls were recorded on the website, showcasing the tangible impact of the counseling service’s online visibility.

Google Search Console Metrics: A Dive into Performance

The Google Search Console provided valuable insights into the counseling service’s online performance.

User Clicks and Impressions

The counseling service experienced 231 total clicks and 11.6K total impressions, indicating a substantial reach and engagement. The 2% average click-through rate (CTR) is a positive metric, highlighting that users who saw the counseling service in search results were motivated to click through.

Average Position

With an average position of 44.9, the counseling service secured a favorable placement on search engine results pages. This improvement in visibility contributes to increased chances of attracting potential clients.

Keyword Improvement: Rising in Search Rankings

Keyword improvements were a key highlight, with various crucial terms experiencing enhanced positions:

  • Psychoeducational Learning Assessments: Improved by 23 positions in organic desktop and 20 positions in organic mobile.
  • School Consulting Calgary: Improved by 16 positions in organic desktop.
  • Schools Organization Consulting Calgary: Improved by 4 positions in organic desktop and 4 positions in organic mobile.
  • Behavior Assessments for Students Calgary: Improved by 4 positions in organic desktop and 8 positions in organic mobile.
  • Psychological Testing Calgary: Improved by 4 positions in organic desktop and 3 positions in organic mobile.
  • Academic Coaching Calgary: Improved by 3 positions in organic desktop and 6 positions in organic mobile.
  • Life Skills Coaching: Improved by 1 position in organic desktop and 1 position in organic mobile.
  • Psychoeducational Assessment: Improved by 1 position in organic desktop.
  • Behavioral Consultation Calgary: Improved by 2 positions in organic mobile.

Google Analytics Insights: Understanding User Acquisition

User Acquisition Metrics

In terms of user acquisition, organic search played a pivotal role, contributing to 52.73% of the new users (1170 out of 2219). This highlights the effectiveness of the counseling service’s SEO efforts in attracting individuals actively seeking counseling services.

Traffic Acquisition: Navigating the Digital Landscape

Analyzing traffic acquisition metrics further underscores the significance of organic search:

  • 53.40% of total users (1195 out of 2238).
  • 57.21% of total sessions (2070 out of 3618).
  • 63.73% of engaged sessions (1193 out of 1872).
  • 61.80% of total events (12,761 out of 20,648).

Events on the Website: A User-Engagement Snapshot

Key events on the website include 8075 page views, 6716 user engagements, and 2219 user visits. Additionally, the website recorded three phone call clicks, highlighting a diverse range of user interactions.


This case study unveils the success story of a counseling service that strategically navigated the realm of SEO to elevate its online presence. The combination of keyword optimization, GMB profile enhancement, content strategy, and consistent engagement culminated in substantial improvements across various metrics.

As businesses continue to navigate the digital landscape, the counseling service’s journey serves as an inspiration for those seeking to bolster their online presence. The transition from enhanced keyword performance to increased engagement and visibility showcases the tangible impact of a well-executed SEO campaign in the field of counseling.

In a world where simplicity often leads to clarity, the counseling service’s story underscores the accessibility and effectiveness of basic vocabulary in communicating complex digital strategies. As businesses embark on their own SEO journeys, this case study serves as a beacon, illuminating the path to success through intentional and strategic online visibility efforts.

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