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An SEO Case Study for Auto Services

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This case study takes a close look at how an auto services company used SEO to improve its online engagement and visibility. We will examine the specific tactics that were used, the difficulties that were encountered, and the outcomes that were realized during a span of four months. Through this exploration, we aim to gain valuable insights into the power of SEO for businesses.

Furthermore, we will analyze the importance of online visibility and customer interaction for businesses in the modern era. By understanding the challenges faced and the strategies implemented by the auto services company, we can draw practical lessons that can be applied to various businesses seeking to enhance their digital presence. This case study provides a real-world example of how businesses can leverage SEO to achieve their online marketing goals and attract more customers.

The Initial Challenge

The auto service company had a big challenge: they needed more people to see their business on the internet, and they wanted those people to be interested and involved. We had only four months of information (from July to August 2023, compared to May to June 2023), so we decided to work on improving how they show up online by making changes to their SEO strategy. It was like a mission to make sure more folks could find them on the internet and become interested in what they offer.

The Approach: Strengthening SEO Foundations

Our plan to make the auto service company more visible online involved setting up tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. These tools help us see how well the website is doing and how much people are getting involved. Our main aim was simple: make the website show up more often in regular internet searches and get more people to become customers. It’s like putting up signs and making the shop more attractive so that more people walk in and buy things.

Notable Improvements

The outcomes were really remarkable:

  • More users found the website through regular internet searches, with a 19.09% increase in users.
  • The number of sessions, or visits, from those searches went up by a significant 27.57%.
  • When people visited, they got more involved, as engaged sessions increased by 20.31%.
  • The time people spent on the website during each visit went up by 2.41%, showing increased interest.
  • Different actions, like clicking on things or interacting, rose by 19.37%.
  • There was a 16.93% growth in new users who discovered the business through regular internet searches.
  • More users decided to call the business directly, with a 29.4% increase in click-to-call conversions.
  • Email inquiries saw a massive 450% surge, indicating a substantial rise in click-to-email conversions.
  • Completing forms on the “Thank You” page, a sign of showing interest, went up by 16.7%.

It’s like more and more people not only discovered the shop but also got engaged, spent more time, and took actions like calling, emailing, or showing interest through forms. These impressive improvements highlight the effectiveness of the strategies in place, making a significant impact on various aspects of online engagement and interaction.

Traffic Acquisition Insights Strategies for Auto Services

Even though fewer people visited directly or through social media, we noticed a big increase in how many found the website through regular internet searches. This showed that our strategies to make the business show up more in search results were working well. It’s like even if fewer people walked straight into the store, more were discovering it through signs and recommendations, which is a great sign that our plans were effective.

Boosting Leads and Conversions for Auto Services

The results for turning interested visitors into customers were really impressive:

  • More people decided to call the business directly, with a 29.4% increase in click-to-call conversions.
  • Email inquiries shot up by a massive 450%, showing a huge jump in click-to-email conversions.
  • Completing forms on the “Thank You” page, a sign of showing interest, went up by 16.7%.

It’s like a lot more people not only visited the shop but also took actions like calling, emailing, or showing interest through forms, which is a fantastic boost in turning visitors into potential customers. These improvements are a clear sign that the strategies in place were making a significant impact on converting interest into actual business interactions.

User Acquisition Analysis

Even though the number of new visitors went down because fewer people came directly or from social media, we saw a positive increase in new visitors who found the website through regular internet searches. This shows that our efforts to attract new people online were successful. It’s like inviting fewer friends to a party but getting more new people who heard about it and joined in, which is a good sign that our strategies were working.

Google Search Console Performance

The information from Google Search Console revealed that there was an 8.40% rise in the total number of times people clicked on the website and a 7.56% increase in how often the website showed up in search results. This proves that the website became more visible on search engines. It’s like more people noticing a shop because it’s displayed more often and, as a result, deciding to check it out. This shows that our efforts were successful in making the website stand out in search engine results.

Observations on Google Business Profile

Even though more people were noticing the website, there was a decrease of 8.4% in the number of calls made directly from the Google Business Profile listing. On the bright side, there was a 14.0% increase in requests for directions. It’s like more people were interested and wanted to know where the shop is, even though they called a bit less. This shows that while one part saw a decrease, another part showed an increase, indicating a shift in how people were interacting with the business online.

Keyword Performance in the Auto Services Industry

We noticed some big improvements in how often certain words related to the business showed up in search results:

  • The phrase “Ceramic coating Tesla near me” moved up by 37 positions on regular computer searches and 29 on mobile searches.
  • Another phrase, “Tesla PPF near me,” got better by 14 positions on regular computer searches and 16 on mobile searches.
  • Other words linked to Tesla coatings and PPF also moved up, showing that these areas were doing well.

But, there were a few words like “exterior detailing” and “ceramic coating car” that didn’t do as well and moved down in the search results. It’s like some words got a boost and climbed up, while a few others didn’t perform as strongly and moved down. This gives us insights into what people are searching for and helps us fine-tune our strategies.

Strategic Adjustments

To address the decline in certain keywords, we planned several strategic adjustments:

  • Conducting a content SILO evaluation for service pages.
  • Focusing on improving the declined keywords in upcoming blogs.
  • Incorporating these keywords into Google My Business (GMB) posts.
  • Revising the Google Business Profile to reflect these keywords.
  • Creating citations and directory listings focused on these keywords.
  • Fixing errors on main service pages and refining the interlinking strategy in light of recent Google updates.


In summary, this case study shows how a well-thought-out SEO plan can make a real difference in the auto services sector. By continuously keeping an eye on things and making adjustments, we saw major improvements in how the business appeared online, how people interacted with it, and the number of sales made. Moreover, this study emphasizes how businesses can achieve actual results by giving importance to how they show up online and engage with customers through successful SEO practices. It’s like proving that with the right strategies, businesses can really shine on the internet and turn that visibility into meaningful interactions and sales.

Ready to make your business shine online? Contact us today and let’s get started on boosting your success with effective SEO strategies!

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